Welcome back to TheBatSquad.net

The home of Batman and his allies from OUR continuity, ending at Flashpoint

Quite a long wait between updates. I've been otherwise occupied, but am getting the "itch" back, so the site should be getting nearer and nearer completion. Azrael 1-18 and corresponding collections / minis are now online.

Batgirl 1-24 and corresponding collections are now online. I can't say enough about how good this title and Red Robin were. Go buy the TPBs and support your local comic shop!

Red Robin 1-26 and corresponding collections are now online.

A forum regular pointed out that 2012 was the 10th anniversary of TheBatSquad.net. With failing interest in the post-Flashpoint "DCnU," I thought now would be the perfect time to return to our roots. The plan is for this place to be a haven of info on the Batman mythos from the original Crisis through the Flashpoint failure.
Eventually, I'll add pre-Crisis stuff and perhaps the Animated universe. While I get things straightened out, you'll continue to see some of the old TheDCU.net code.

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